"Matt Bomer's 'White Collar' Ending After Upcoming Sixth Season"


We have some super sad news – Matt Bomer‘s hit series White Collar is going to end after the upcoming sixth season, according to Deadline.

The series will get a six episode final season that will pick up after the major cliffhanger of last season’s finale that saw Matt‘s character Neal Caffrey get abducted.

The reason for ending the series is that it is very costly for the USA Network as the network is responsible for all of the show’s budget, thought it does not own the series.

Neal Caffrey  Close-Up [1/2]

Neal + hat twirling

clinton jones + tropes


neal caffrey + 5x10 live feed

- Things are going to change for the both of us.
- Yeah. It’s time they did.

White Collar, “Digging Deeper” (5x8) - Neal Caffrey

"You, business, and women: The Unholy Trinity."